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The distinctive characteristic of an educated person should be his ‘scientific temper’, i.e. he should be completely free from all superstitions. Superstitious beliefs suit the uneducated/common people…. not the educated. But it is astounding that even the educated people are clinging to the superstitious beliefs and so they behave like uneducated in the matters of faith. They are lacking this distinctive characteristic of scientific temper.

This is 21st century … the era of science. Time has come to eradicate all superstitions. If we really want to eradicate these superstitions, we have to get to the root of the problem. We can not remove it superficially. The root of all superstitions is the belief in a particular god or gods … the supernatural powers. From this root, religions have grown on the earth and these religions are responsible for spreading all superstitions. To become completely free from superstitions we have to remove this root.

The belief in the supernatural powers …god or gods is a mere superstition… a false belief. There is no scientific truth in favour of this belief. There is zero evidence for existence of supernatural powers. In reality, these powers exist nowhere …. neither on this earth nor at any place in the entire universe, except the brain of the believer.

The idea of supernatural powers comes from the period of human pre-history … the Dark Ages, when our poor ancestors imagined these powers due to ignorance…due to lack of scientific knowledge, in those days. Today, we have a vast treasure of scientific knowledge. Science has answers for almost all the things. There is hardly any event in the universe which requires some alleged ‘god’ to explain. Few events which science can not explain today, will be explained tomorrow; because science is doing its job to find out the answers for these events also.

On the basis of belief in god or gods people are divided into various groups … the religions. Religion has destroyed harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood amongst people. It has done great harm to human species. Now, time has come to say good bye to religion. We should come out of the religious world and help in developing good societies … the secular societies where there should be no place for religion. But without eradicating superstitions this can not be achieved.

To eradicate superstitions, we have to remove the root of all superstitions, i.e. belief in god (s) from our brains. Using the intellect, i.e., our brain’s faculty of questioning, thinking and reasoning we can do this and can become 100% superstition free.

If we are able to eradicate all superstitions from our brains, it will be a great achievement towards developing really civilized and really good societies .. the secular societies.

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